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Stay Low Campaign

Deanna B Gayle, MS Support Group in Atlanta, Blacks and MS


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My Story

I am Deanna. I’m sweet, I’m giving- a little serious, a little silly, and just tad bit sarcastic, I’m creative, I can be really deep and at the same time, nonchalant. "Some" people think I’m a little bossy, and they are same people who need the most direction! ;-)

I love scented candles, I love when it rains, I smile a lot and I’m in love with God, the Creator.

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The Day

I Was Diagnosed

My dad taught me to always do things right the first time so you won’t have to do it again. He taught me to work hard and to serve others.

My mom was always so loving and caring. She taught me how to treat people- regardless of how they treated me. Some people would consider kindness a weakness, but I knew it was her strength. She taught me to smile and to serve others. They both have instilled great character within me!

In hindsight, my siblings really inspired me to make some decisions that ultimately changed the outcome of my life. They sought a better life through education and entrepreneurship that motivated me through their own concept of success; which naturally became my normalcy. Having big sisters who excelled in athletics, and being awarded scholarships, gave me laser focus to become a college athlete.

I received a 4-year softball scholarship at Benedict College (BC BC- you know, you know) where I majored in Computer Information Science with a minor in business administration. Overall, I had a successful college career as I received many accolades in academics and softball. I was solely selected from our entire athletic department to attend the NCAA Leadership Conference where athletes from all across the country were honored as campus leaders. That was such a great accomplishment for me!

My goal for creating this platform is not to complain about my daily struggles with MS or even brag on about what I have accomplished. MY GOAL is to inspire and empower the lives that I come in contact and most importantly shed some light on the effects of MS and help some people along the way.

I currently live in Atlanta, married with no kids, work part-time with a local non-profit organization, while still pursuing the dream that was given to me; I'm just taking life one day at a time. I wish to share my experiences with others to remind them if you continue to have hope, you can continue to live a good life.


Some of my greatest accomplishments occurred after being diagnosed. I was saddened and depressed by the thought of what my life would become. I knew I had so many aspirations to pursue, but maybe, just maybe MS helped me push past a comfort zone where things were pretty easy to accomplish. With MS, I'm constantly thinking about my next move because there are many levels of preparation that help me feel more in control of my life.  Although MS created some hurdles, I am proud to say that it didn't keep me from pursuing my education, career and living the best life I can.

Some of My

Proudest Moments

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After MS

Life Before MS

National Society of Black Engineers - Boston

Life  After MS

Solely selected to represent my campus at the NCAA Leadership Conference

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