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"Stay Low: Be Grateful, Be Humble, Be Courageous"- To Share, To Inspire, To Empower, To Serve."

The Mission:

THE STAY LOW CAMPAIGN is a movement to encourage humility, inspire hope and gratitude through lives affected by MS. SLC provides support, education, care packages to assist people living with MS and their families. 

What does it mean to Stay Low Mean?

As an athlete, the common tool on the playing field is to STAY LOW, in a ready position, being able better anticipate the next move. When you are low, you decrease the chance to be caught off guard and you can easily recover when you're attacked.


Since being diagnosed, I have quickly learned that victimizing my situation only makes it worse. I choose to come from a perspective of gratitude and thanksgiving. Of course, there are moments of weakness where I can't see past the dark cloud that follows me. When I'm reminded that I have this "thing" that always has a way of reminding me of my limitations, I think about how many people I can inspire with my struggles and have compassion for those who are worse off than me.

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